First medical marijuana dispensary opens in Kirksville – Kirksville Daily Express and Daily News

Austin Miller   | Kirksville Daily Express

Mark Sheedy is quite happy to save time and money from driving to Moberly or Quincy for medical marijuana.

With the opening of Missouri Health & Wellness’s Kirksville location on Monday, he can stay in town to get the medicine he needs. 

Sheedy, 66, said he has chronic pain after two back surgeries, as well as from rheumatoid arthritis and pseudogout. He has taken one pharmaceutical drug that causes his hands to bruise easily. And about a year ago, his daughter, a nurse, recommended medical marijuana as an alternative medicine source. 

“I was having so much pain, so she said to try marijuana and it worked,” Sheedy said. 

“A lot of my pain is due to being stressed, tense, and the marijuana helps me to relax,” Sheedy said. “It also helps me sleep. I don’t sleep worth a darn.”

Sheedy was the first in line Monday and left the store with several products to help him get by over the next few weeks.

Missouri Health & Wellness had a “VIP hour” starting at 10 a.m. for pre-registered patrons. Kathleen Beebe, the regional manager, said about 75 people signed up for that. A pleasant surprise for her

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