Florida County School Board Approves Medical Marijuana Access in Public Schools

The Palm Beach County School Board voted on Wednesday night to approve a new district policy to allow students to use cannabis medications on campus. Under the new policy, students who are qualified as patients under Florida’s medical marijuana program will have access to low THC cannabis medications at a designated location on school property, but not on school buses or at school-sponsored events. Medical marijuana therapies will only be allowed to be administered by a student’s parent or caregiver, who will be required to submit a form signed by a physician in order to implement the new policy for the child.

The policy allows for the administration of medical marijuana and low-THC cannabis products such as oils, tinctures, topical formulations, and edibles that have been purchased at a dispensary licensed by the state. Cannabis products ingested by smoking or inhalation are not permitted. The new policy goes into effect immediately. Other school districts in Florida have enacted similar policies for their students.

Parents Choosing Healthier Alternatives

Dr. Joan Baijnath, the owner of Medical Marijuana of Palm Beach, told local media that she wasn’t surprised when she learned that a new policy to allow medical marijuana products on school grounds

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