Food Companies Look to Cash in on Marijuana Market With Weed-Free Munchies for Post-pot Cravings

Undeterred by a ban on edibles in Canada’s initial rollout of legal recreational marijuana, food companies have found a way to cash in on the buzz by catering to post-consumption cravings with marijuana-free munchies.

The country is gearing up for cannabis legalization for recreational use on Oct. 17, but edible products infused with pot will remain illegal until specific government regulations are rolled out in 2019 at the earliest.

But some food firms have found an easier way to capitalize on cannabis by avoiding the plant altogether and focusing on the “munchies,” the side effect of increased hunger that marijuana can induce.

Hershey Canada rolled out a special edition candy bar earlier this month called Oh Henry! 4:25 – a nod to April 20, or 4:20, a popular time to smoke among pot enthusiasts. The bar is promoted as “specially formulated for the intense hunger that hits 5 minutes after 4:20.”

– Read the entire article at The Globe and Mail.

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