Frankfurt Begins A Training Program For Cannabis Doctors

Frankfurt am Main is known for a few things—depending largely on where and who you are. The city’s nickname—Mainhattan—is a reference both to New York and London’s financial markets as well as skyscrapers. 

Others see it as a unique, if ancient, stadt with a fabulous river, great public transportation and half an hour from the best-connected airport in the EU. Frankfurt also has one of the highest levels of living in the country as well as some of its highest incomes per capita. The city also has one of the highest percentages of Auslanders resident here than any other German city and Hesse, the German state in which Frankfurt is located, is fourth overall, nationwide. 

However, Frankfurt has a few other distinctions that are not quite so postcard pretty. Namely it has been an illicit drug haven, especially around its hauptbahnhofviertel (main train station and surrounding area), for decades. Heroin, and now crack, addicts are still a public tragedy here that have not been wiped out against a backdrop of a seedy red-light district that would make many in Amsterdam blush. 

As a result, the city has been involved, and for a long time, in trying to clean up this

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