Free Cannabis Giveaways Paint a Picture of What the Post-legalization Black Market Will Look Like, Say Experts

With no concrete path to legality, dispensary owners see a future where craft cannabis producers are once again forced into the shadows.

Two StarMetro reporters have been offered free cannabis by representatives of online dispensary services in recent days, which industry experts say is a sure sign of an illicit market rebound post-legalization.

Dana Larsen, director of the Vancouver Dispensary Society and Sensible B.C., said online dispensaries are likely making a bid for a customer base that will be left in the lurch come Oct. 17, when they discover their experience of cannabis purchasing has been radically altered by the governmental takeover of the formerly illicit market.

“We’re going to see more of (this type of cannabis giveaway) after legalization,” Larsen said, adding companies who undertake such campaigns are “probably making a lot of people happy giving away free cannabis, and I really don’t think anyone should be shocked or upset.”

– Read the entire article at The Star.

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