From Tackling Cancer to Beating Anxiety, Medicinal Cannabis Helps Thousands of People Around the World — Yet It’s Illegal in the Uk

Many people have claimed that cannabis oil has cured their anxiety, seizures and even CANCER.

SQUEEZING the pipette of cannabis oil under her tongue, Ceri Jones closed her eyes and took a deep breath.

“Please save my life,” she thought. In May this year, Ceri had bought a marijuana tincture from an online supplier in Germany in a bid to out-smart advanced, aggressive pancreatic cancer.

“Until medicinal cannabis is freely and legally available, I know I’m breaking the law,” admits Ceri, 38, from Surrey. “But when I was told I was out of treatment options, I decided I’d try anything so my children don’t grow up without me.”

– Read the entire article at The Sun UK.

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