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Minnetonka, MN: GenNext Biotech, a Minnesota-based manufacturer and distributor of biostimulants, fertilizers and soil amendments, has just had its Foundation 4-4-4 Fine Grade Natural Fertilizer approved for OMRI listing in compliance with the USDA National Organic Program, according to a press release.

GenNext’s Foundation 4-4-4 fertilizer is designed to produce healthy microbial environments in all varieties of crops, creating synergy between plant health and soil respiration. Formulated with beneficial soil microbes, Foundation fertilizers introduce biological diversity as part of a comprehensive granular nutritional treatment.

“We feel that Foundation is a unique formulation with superior efficacy and efficiency, all at low recommended rates of use. It’s a win, win for the customer and the environment,” says Frank Zamazal, partner and director of agronomy at GenNext Biotech.

Derived from organically composted poultry products, GenNext’s beneficial biotechnology allows microorganisms to thrive while boosting a plant’s nutrient uptake ability. With its three-way bacteria and fungi package consisting of Bacillus, Mycorrhizae and Trichoderma, Foundation encourages rootzone development, creating prolific pathways for essential nutrients to travel between soils and plants. Nutrients applied are also better utilized by the plant and stored for later release based on the soil’s enhanced microbial activity.

“We’re excited to continue expanding our line of innovative products serving the turf management and agricultural industries,” says Dan Brink, marketing and new business development manager at GenNext Biotech. “This is another move forward in GenNext evolving as a provider of products and solutions that are safe for our customer’s businesses and more importantly, safe for their customers.”

Top image courtesy of GenNext

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