Governor of Alabama Has Only Hours to Take Action on Medical Marijuana Bill

The governor of Alabama has to make a decision today about whether to sign into effect Senate Bill 236, a medical marijuana measure that has been weakened from its original version. In its final form, the legislation would extend access to cannabis oil for kids who experience seizures and create a commission to study medical marijuana and make recommendations to lawmakers on potential policy changes.

WHNT News 19 reported that Representative Mike Ball — who was instrumental in the initial passage of Carly’s Law, which guarantees access to kids who suffer seizures — told the channel he would be “shocked” if Governor Kay Ivey does not sign the bill.

The governor’s office has said Ivey is reviewing the bill. If she chooses not to sign it before 11:59 p.m. on Monday, it will die.

Though the bill was the subject of much floor debate, it passed the House with a whopping majority, 80-19, on May 31. “The opposition comes from people who practice politics in the name of religion,” said Ball.

Republican state senator Tim Melson was the legislation’s sponsor. He originally presented a version of the bill that would legalize the sale of medical marijuana for patients with sign

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