Governor of California Vetoes “Compassionate Access” Medical Marijuana Bill

A California Senate bill aimed at restoring California dispensaries’ ability to give away cannabis for free was vetoed by Gov. Jerry Brown last Friday. Gov. Brown cited conflicts between the “Compassionate Access” medical marijuana bill and Proposition 64, the state’s adult-use legislation. But supporters of SB 829, including the group Americans for Safe Access (ASA), say that was the point of the bill in the first place: to eliminate a restriction within Prop. 64 that prevented compassionate care donations to medical cannabis patients in need. Now, critics of Gov. Brown’s veto of SB 829 are demanding lawmakers find other solutions to provide safe and affordable access to medical cannabis. The bill is back in the Senate for consideration of the governor’s veto.

California Governor Nixes Bill To Let Dispensaries Donate Medical Cannabis To Patients In Need

In states with legal adult-use cannabis, “gifting” weed is totally permissible—at least for individuals. Indeed, in places like Vermont, gifting serves as a stop-gap measure for states with legal possession and use but no legal, regulated retail system. With selling cannabis illegal, but possession and use legal, gifting lets people exchange cannabis in a legal way. But when California passed the Control, Regulate and

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