Governor of Illinois Passes Law to Give Students Access to Medical Marijuana in School

The Associated Press is reporting that Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner has signed HB 4870 into law. The bill requires schools to let parents or guardians administer medical cannabis to children at school. Parents and caregivers of sick children are celebrating Gov. Rauner’s signing of the bill, which passed the state House in April and the Senate in May with overwhelming support. The new law places some restrictions on the kinds of medical cannabis children can take at school and puts in place other protections for school staff and students.

New Law Lets Parents Administer Medical Cannabis In School

Chicago Democratic Rep. Kelly Cassidy sponsored HB 4870, a bill to amend the Illinois School Code to require all schools, whether charter, public or nonpublic, to authorize a parent or guardian to give their child medical cannabis in school. Cassidy named the bill Ashley’s Law, after a 12-year-old student who had to sue to use medical cannabis to treat her epilepsy at school.

Medical cannabis makes it possible for students with severe illnesses and clinical need to attend school. Illinois’ medical cannabis law permits minors to use the drug with a double certification from registered physicians. But until today, the law had prohibited the

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