Govt unable to provide required help, villagers adopt dispensary – Times of India

Ludhiana: While providing proper healthcare in rural areas remains a challenge for the government, a group of villagers in Jalaldiwal has formed a society to provide all medicines and other medical infrastructure to the government dispensary. Health authorities said the government had provided stock for the dispensary last year, which was not adequate as the facility catered to 120 to 150 patients in a day during lockdown.
“About two years ago, a 24-year-old woman of the village died of tuberculosis and there were some cancer patients too who needed care. So we decided to form Giani Nihal Singh Sewa Society to ensure the villagers get medicines. The society is set up in the memory of Giani Nihal Singh, a local vaid who provided free medicines to people,” said Rakesh Bansal, a shopkeeper from the village and member of the society.
The villagers said their adoption of the village dispensary was a unique concept in the state. “The mudla sehat kendra (government dispensary) was established in the 1970s and is perhaps the only one in the state where a society is providing medicine supply. It has adopted this health set-up and got its walls painted, instruments installed and even got the furniture. We

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