Grenade-Shaped Grinder Causes Airport Evacuation in Argentina

An Argentine airport was evacuated Tuesday after a suspected explosive device was discovered at the facility. But when the bomb squad arrived to investigate the object, they determined that it was actually a cannabis grinder designed to resemble a hand grenade. The incident occurred at the Astor Piazzolla airport in Mar del Plata, a seaside city about 250 miles southeast of the Argentine capital of Buenos Aires.

Alehandro Itzcovich, the chief of national airport security in Argentina, told local media that he believed that the pot grinder had been left at the airport by a departing passenger.

“Someone must have discarded the artifact before boarding on a plane,” Itzcovich said.

He added that airport security officials had “confirmed that it was not an explosive and we’re now trying to determine who the owner of this object is.”

Photographs of the event show a security officer in a bomb protection suit holding the hand grenade-shaped weed grinder. Nearby, additional security officers can be seen watching the bomb squad officer and smiling.

Officials said several flights in and out of Mar del Plata were delayed by the airport evacuation.

It’s Not the First Time

The incident in Argentina is not the first time a

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