Hawaii House, Senate Approve Bill to Decriminalize Small Quantities of Marijuana

Hawaii is on the verge of implementing a far-reaching decriminalization bill. If the bill is signed into law it would replace criminal charges for marijuana possession with a simple fine.

Hawaii’s House Bill 1383

The bill currently working its way through the legislative process is House Bill 1383. Simply put, this bill aims to decriminalize the possession of cannabis throughout the state.

Under the terms of the bill, it would no longer be a criminal offense to possess three grams or less of marijuana. Instead, people busted with weed would only be fined $130.

Importantly, the bill also takes into consideration people who already carry a marijuana-related charge on their records. Specifically, it provides a way for people in this situation to have their records expunged if the charge was not related to any other crimes.

So far, House Bill 1383 has found success among lawmakers. In particular, it cleared the Senate with unanimous approval.

But things were a little different in the House, where the bill reportedly had many more opponents.

In particular, some lawmakers expressed concern that the decriminalization bill did not have any provisions that would require minors caught with weed to attend rehabilitation or educational programs.

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