Health Canada Approves Clinical Trials for Cannabis-Laced Pet Food to Treat Animal Anxiety

One of Canada’s largest cannabis companies announced Wednesday it has received Health Canada approval for clinical trials of the effectiveness of cannabis-derived compound cannabidiol as a treatment for anxiety in animals.

Dana M. Vaughn, executive vice-president and chief scientific officer for Canopy Animal Health, said while CBD is becoming an increasingly common folk remedy for pets’ ailments, Canopy’s clinical trials represent the first time a company has sought federal regulatory approval for the practice of adding the substance to pet food.

“There has been very little (research) done with CBD or other phytocannabinoids in pets up until now,” Vaughn said in an email. The addition of phytocannabinoids (naturally occurring, plant-derived cannabis compounds like CBD) to pet foods has so far been done “without regulatory approval, with the exception of hemp seed oil products that contain fatty acids. But not CBD to any extent.”

– Read the entire article at The Star.

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