High Quality European Weed Forces North Africa Exporters to try Better Seed Genetics.

CANNABIS CULTURE –  Earning stacks of money growing weed in Algeria is not as easy as it used to be. The era when Algerian farmers could sell tons of heavily seeded, poor quality cannabis has largely disappeared.

The main local and European export markets demand much better product these days. And then there are the age old challenges of evading or bribing law enforcement agencies. And of course, the local criminal gangs that thrive in cannabis crop thieving.

Seed Stocker is one European weed merchant that sell feminized auto flower and photo-period cannabis seeds in quantities from 1 seed to 20 000 to North Africa farmers. Recently they have been selling quite a few seeds to Algeria farmers who have stepped up their efforts to match European cannabis quality levels. We were invited to accompany one of their customers, Jahri (40), to rural Algeria to see what it´s like growing ganja for a living.

Jahri described the biggest challenges in getting a crop safely through to harvest.

“Usually cannabis varieties are ready around the end of September. Without water everything dies in the hills during the summer, but with water the best European varities reach 2-3 meters tall. A field

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