Highlights from Grower’s Source Expo 2021

CANNABIS CULTURE – The “passionate fanatics” that have grown pot in their basements for decades were given a voice and an ear at the Growers Source 2021 Expo held in cyberspace due to Covid restrictions. 

Make no mistake this virtual conference was sponsored by the corporate big guys with the purse strings–nutrient company CANNA and garden products distributor Biofloral–but by collaborating with Grower’s Source it provided a congenial platform for the growers to do a lot of the talking, sharing and, of course a little bragging!

“People across Canada are eager to talk about what they are doing,” says Franck Munn, Producer at Grower’s Source who played a large part in hosting the event. “One thing we found is that it is a really compassionate audience that makes this community unique compared to any other community.”

The Grower’s Source Expo is the first virtual conference for the cultivation of cannabis in Canada. The expo mirrors the Grower’s Source mission statement which is to establish a network for growers to share their experiences with other growers. It’s a spinoff event from live events sponsored by CANNA and Biofloral which, due to Covid restrictions, had to be postponed. A Grower’s Source app

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