Honey, Meet Cannabis | Benefits and Recipe

Honey is a favorite all-natural sweetener, antimicrobial, antioxidant and antibacterial substance and a byproduct of one of the hardest working species contributing to a healthy ecosystem. Bees just do their job – produce honey. But it isn’t all punch-in, punch-out collapse on the couch. These hardworking nectar-mongers are sipping on sweet, sweet juices all day long. And in some cases, the sweet juice of cannabis.

One day, along came Nicolas Trainerbees who claims to have trained his bees to feast on his cannabis buds and then create a dank honey. This is revolutionary if it doesn’t have any repercussions to the ecosystem. As long as we have a healthy balance of canna bees to flower-loving bees, I think we could all enjoy a little more chronic honey.

How Does Honey Infuse With Cannabis?

Naturally, bees are not attracted to cannabis. Bees like to feed on sweet nectar and are attracted to bright colors – both of which cannabis does not have. In severe flower oppression, bees may feed on a male plant that produces extra floral nectaries (sugar and water), which isn’t present in the females. This also explains why cannabis is a wind-pollinating plant. There are a few

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