How a Great Story Can Build your Cannabis Brand

In today’s marketing landscape, it isn’t enough to put out a few ads and hope that they encourage customers to come try your products. Modern customers are media-savvy, and don’t respond well to hard sells. In order to effectively engage with consumer bases, brands need to emotionally connect with them to promote sales and encourage brand loyalty. In such a competitive industry as the cannabis market, this emotional engagement is even more crucial. A key part of this emotional connection comes through effective storytelling.

Throughout human history, storytelling has been a means for people to connect and engage with each other, to entertain, and to pass along a common history and important information. According to Psychology Today, neuroimagery shows that consumers mainly use emotions such as personal feelings and experiences rather than information such as brand attributes and facts when evaluating a brand. Advertising research shows that emotional response to an ad far outweighs the ad’s content when it comes to consumer intent to buy a product, by a factor of up to 3-to-1.

Whether it’s the origin story of how the brand came to be, narratives of how the brand solves problems for consumers, or stories about the consumers

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