ICYMI: DEA and Cannabis Research Still Lousy Bedfellows

One of the main reasons why “marijuana” remains a federally illegal, Schedule I controlled substance is that, according to the Feds, it has no currently accepted medical use. At the same time, because of the federal illegality of cannabis, the federal government has routinely denied third party requests for further research in regards to its potential medical benefits, among other health and safety impacts.

What you may not know is that the federal government actually has its own stash of cannabis for limited patient distribution and limited research purposes that it houses at the University of Mississippi (a/k/a) Ole Miss in Oxford, Mississippi. One of the loudest cries from the scientific community didn’t just regard an overall inability to engage in firsthand research of cannabis but also that the cannabis produced at Ole Miss likely wasn’t up to snuff or diverse enough to reflect what’s actually in the state-licensed marketplaces being realistically used by consumers (since the kinds of cannabis cultivated at Ole Miss must meet the “legal and safety requirements of both DEA and FDA”), making federal-sanctioned research and conclusions considerably dated and potentially irrelevant and/or biased.

Under the 1961 international Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs (“Single Convention”)

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