If You’re A Cannabis Patient In Utah, Here’s Why You Can No Longer Cross Borders For Marijuana

A recent survey showed nearly 60% of patients still consider buying cannabis from black market and out-of-state sources.

Last year, Chelsie Warren quit her job as a bus driver so she’d be free to sign up as one of Utah’s first cannabis patient cardholders and qualify for the plant-based treatment that soothes her chronic back pain.

She’s found a new job since then and doesn’t regret the trade-off.

But the Garland resident is disappointed she has to drive 40 minutes to the nearest cannabis pharmacy — which is often sold out of the gummies that provide her relief and sometimes also out of the raw flower she uses as a backup. She’s traveled outside Utah, where she says dispensaries are better-stocked and prices are lower, several times.

– Read the entire article at The Salt Lake Tribune.

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