Illinois Governor Signs Bill Allowing Medical Cannabis to be Consumed at Schools

Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner has signed into law a bill allowing students who are medical cannabis patients to use their medicine on school premises.

Governor Rauner’s signing of House Bill 4870 comes roughly two and a half months after the legislature passed the measure by a vote of 149 to 3.

The legislation is known as Ashley’s Law, named after 12-year-old Ashley Surin who uses medical marijuana to treat the epilepsy she developed during chemotherapy. The  bill amends the Illinois School Code to require “a school district, public school, charter school, or nonpublic school to authorize a parent or guardian of a student who is a qualifying patient to administer a medical cannabis infused product to the student on school premises or a school bus if both the student (as a qualifying patient) and the parent or guardian (as a designated caregiver) have been issued registry identification cards under the Compassionate Use of Medical Cannabis Pilot Program Act.”

The measure  “Provides that a parent or guardian may not administer a medical cannabis infused product if the administration would create disruption to the school’s educational environment or would cause exposure of the product to other students”, and “Provides that nothing

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