‘I’m a Rabbi in Texas Writing Kosher Certificates for Cannabis’

Iwas born and raised in Los Angeles, CA. I was there till I was almost 19, went to Cal State Northridge University, studied philosophy, psychology. Then I decided to take a trip, to leave California and to find myself. I travelled all around Europe, and then, of course, I ended up in Israel, in a rabbinical school, where I did indeed find myself. I stayed there for 19 years. I studied, became a rabbi, got married, started a family.

And then we were recruited to go to Texas to do outreach work —not exactly missionary stuff, because we weren’t trying to convert anyone to Judaism; but rather to enrich the lives and strengthen the connection with people who are already Jewish. I was already involved in kosher certification before, so when I got to San Antonio I became head of the local kosher agency. I got most of my training and experience there, and when I left San Antonio for Houston, I started my own kosher agency.

Which is also when my five-year-old son was diagnosed with brain cancer. We went through all of the mainstream protocol, of surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. For a while, he was on the mend.

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