Important Marijuana Dispensary Test Case Happening Now in Vancouver

CANNABIS CULTURE – An important case being brought against the city of Vancouver by medical dispensaries is finally underway, after much anticipation. The outcome of the case could determine whether pot dispensaries in the city will be forced to close or be allowed to remain open.

Tuesday was Day One of the case and was all about who has “standing”.

The dispensaries leading the charge are all corporations or not-for-profit societies, except for one individual who is a patient as well as a dispensary owner.

The goverment lawyers, who are being paid by taxpayers to try to deny poor and sick Canadians storefront access to theraputic cannabis products, argued that corpprations and societies are not entities protected by The Charter and therefore do not have standing. At the end of the day the judge ruled that he would grant them standing as they were representing the interests of the public.

Day Two was all about whether or not the written submissions by expert witnesses for the dispensaries should be admissible, and gov’t lawyers fought to discredit and malign doctors in an effort to keep their evidence from the court.

Lawyers for the dispensaries are arguing that Vancouver did not have

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