“Independent Entity” With Canopy Roots Launches Contract Farming in Lesotho

CANNABIS CULTURE – Highlands Investments (formerly Canopy Africa) has launched Africa´s cannabis contract farming platform called Canna-Tract.

Whether this is canna-colonialism or a secure platform for Africa’s cannabis cultivators has yet to be determined. 

Name-changing spree

Canopy Growth, a Canadian cannabis corporation headquartered in Ontario, and formerly called Tweed Marijuana Inc, has now assumed the name Highlands Investments. 

Mark Corbett, the managing director of  Highlands Investments explained the name-changing spree in an email interview with Cannabis Culture.

“Highlands Investments was formerly Canopy Africa, however it is no longer part of The Canopy Group. In 2017, Canopy Growth exited its operations in South Africa and Lesotho as part of a strategic review of its businesses. This resulted in a transfer of ownership of all of its African operations to Highlands Investments in April 2020,” says Corbett.

Canna-Tract is not yet a registered patent but plans are underway to ring fence the trademark in Lesotho and South Africa. The Canna-Tract grow model is only available in Lesotho, added Corbett, revealing the location of the enterprise. 

Hopeful contractees confused?

Farmers and entrepreneurs interested in joining the Canna-Tract program might be unsure where they fit in the arrangement because Highlands Investments specialists (engineers, agronomists)

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