Indiana Farmers Need Industrial Hemp or Legal Marijuana to Prosper

Indiana farmers continue to take it on the chin. Some of the latest data from the U.S Department of Agriculture shows the prices of the state’s two primary cash crops – corn and soybeans – have fallen into the proverbial crapper due to imbalanced supply and demand. Protectors of the all-important but often disrespected farming way of life — namely the Indiana Farm Bureau — attribute this drop to President Trump’s recent tariff actions on Chinese products. The agency’s national relations director, Bob White, says Hoosier farmers are now suffering the financial woes as a result of retaliatory tariffs.

“When you’ve got high supplies, you’ve got low prices,” he told WFYI Indianapolis.

It has become readily apparent that Indiana needs an additional cash crop to help usher the farming community into more prosperous times. Advocates for the state’s agriculture trade believe industrial hemp could be the most beneficial option for the plant and pick economy – and rightfully so.

– Read the entire article at Forbes.

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