IndicaOnline Dispensary Software Aims to Simplify Cannabis Compliance

No matter what state your marijuana dispensary operates in, there are certain regulations that apply to remain cannabis compliant. Meeting these requirements is essential when seeking approval for a dispensary business license. However, cannabis retailers often struggle to consistently meet compliance standards while running a storefront day to day. Fortunately, taking control of cannabis compliance is easy when your retailer is equipped with powerful dispensary software. 

Age Validation

As soon as a customer walks into your storefront, there are compliance protocols that must be followed and validating age is the very first. Most states with medical marijuana allow consumers 18+ to purchase cannabis and recreational use is a mandatory 21+ across the board. Installing IndicaOnline’s intelligent dispensary software will allow you receptionist to validate a customers age with one swipe. 

A hidden advantage of swiping a patrons drivers license is that there ID information will be automatically fill certain fields on their customer profile. This will ensure that your dispensary doesn’t serve underage clientele, while expediting check-in for those customers who are eligible to make purchases. Selling to minors is a very serious compliance violation, and there have already been several license suspensions in California, Colorado, and Oregon for this specific

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