Israel Announced Intentions To Legalize Recreational Cannabis

Israel has just announced that the country will be drafting a memo for approval that would legalize and regulate cannabis nationwide, adding them to the ranks of countries with legal cannabis across the globe. 

The announcement comes from the inter-ministerial committee, who have been debating about the regulation of Israel’s cannabis market for some time now, working on this legislation for the last four months. They published conclusions on Thursday of this week, and now, Justice Minister Avi Nissenkorn and the Justice Ministry will be drafting a legal memo for government approval. 

A bill is expected to be introduced for an initial reading possibly as early as this year, though more likely in early 2021, but it will still probably take as much as nine months for legislation to truly kick in and for a legal industry to be established and regulated. The bill must still be rewritten into a law by the Special Committee on Drug and Alcohol Use, and more considerations must be made to see what the industry will need. 

“I see great importance that these two bills [for decriminalization and legalization] be put forth

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