Ketamine Due Diligence: What Any Buyer Should Know – Part 1

We have worked on several ketamine acquisitions, and one of the most important aspects of any deal is due diligence. Shortly after term sheets or letters of intent are executed, most buyers send out a due diligence request list to the seller. This post will focus on the healthcare regulatory issues a buyer will want to focus on for a ketamine deal. Because every deal is unique, there is no “one size fits all” advice. However, there are many common elements that we have seen for ketamine deals.

Because there is a myriad of healthcare regulatory issues for a ketamine clinic acquisition, this post focuses on some of the federal laws that apply. In our next post, we will detail some of the other legal issues a buyer should consider.

Below are some of the common issues we have seen in the various deals we have assisted with. Because each issue is complex, we only provide a summary of the issue below. However, in order not to run afoul of the law, any buyer would be wise to retain healthcare regulatory counsel to ensure that the seller has complied with the law and to ensure that the buyer continues to

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