Lansing Officials Report Medical Marijuana Program is Operating at a Loss

In the midst of the state’s medical marijuana regulatory chaos, the capital of Michigan has announced that it will not be seeing any profit from this operating year of its medical marijuana program.

Lansing city administrators say that excise taxes will not be bringing in as much money as previously estimated, given language of last year’s bill establishing the state’s recreational marijuana industry. That recreational cannabis licensing law stated that the excise tax that had been put in place for the medical marijuana industry would terminate within three months of the beginning of the recreational industry — even though now some of the bill’s very sponsors say they can’t remember why they wrote in that stipulation at all.

The loss of the excise tax was a letdown for many Michigan towns and cities, who were to have shared an estimated $24 million in excise tax from medical cannabis. Some authorities went so far to say that the excise tax was the reason why they agreed to have medical dispensaries in their jurisdiction in the first place.

“The fact that the tax revenue from medical has been taken away and repealed makes it where, now that we’re in the industry, the

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