Large-Scale Cannabis Business Park in Detroit Will Train Past Marijuana Offenders

Detroit may soon be home to a multi-million business project that aims to help correct damage done by racially biased cannabis policing. WXYZ Detroit reports that Green Cure Wellness and Southeast Provisioning’s new business complex will put priority on training local residents with prior marijuana convictions in the skills they need to take part in the state’s relatively new legal cannabis industry.

The project, located on Livernois Avenue on the west side of Detroit, will house five large-scale growing operations, two processing facilities, and a provisioning center in addition to the training program. The latter will be free of charge to individuals who were convicted of a marijuana-related offense in the days before legalization, and intends to provide skills in growing, budtending, processing, and cannabis entrepreneurship.

Such training programs address the immense pressure that has been put on Detroit’s communities of color by the War on Drugs. The Michigan State Police reported that in 2017, one out of every 12 people they arrested was charged with an offense related to marijuana, and the vast bulk of those were related to possession or consumption. Black men between the ages of 18 and 24 had arrest rates 10 times higher than white

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