Latest Polls Show 62 Percent of Americans Support Marijuana Legalization

When it comes to attitudes towards the legalization of marijuana, a recent study shows that support still wildly varies depending on one’s political party—but all groups, including senior citizens and Republicans, report the highest levels of pro-legalization sentiment than on past similar polling efforts.

Results from a Pew Research Center study released on Monday suggests that 62 percent of US citizens now believe that marijuana should be legal. The study gathered this information via telephone response from 1,754 adults; and the outcome is the highest figure ever reported by similar polls. This could be influenced by the heightened consciousness caused by legal recreational cannabis in nine states, plus the District of Columbia. (The country’s population has been majority pro-pot since around 2010.) Though US support rate has doubled since 2000, gains in pro-pot feelings have slowed among the general population. A similar poll last year pegged the contingent in favor of legalization at 61 percent.

As expressed in prior polls, the Pew survey found that support for making cannabis legal is much higher among Democrats than Republicans—69 versus 45 percent. The discrepancy is not surprising, given Buzzfeed’s revelation that the Trump administration has formed a Marijuana Policy Coordination Committee to

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