Lawmakers In New Jersey And Massachusetts Address Dangers Of Vaping

The worsening outbreak of vape-linked illnesses and deaths has spurred lawmakers across the U.S. to take action, with officials in New Jersey and Massachusetts the latest to propose bans and other measures to curb vaping. In New Jersey, Gov. Phil Murphy and legislative leaders are looking at a phased-in ban on selling vape products and directing health department officials to form a task force dedicated to studying risks associated with vaping and making policy recommendations.

In Massachusetts, the state Cannabis Control Commission has voted to roll out new labeling regulations requiring manufacturers to list inactive ingredients and additives on cannabis product labels. New Jersey’s and Massachusetts’ steps to address the dangers of vaping come as the FDA readies a possible nationwide ban on flavored e-cigarette products.

Massachusetts’ Cannabis Control Commission Revises Labeling Requirements

On September 12, the Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission voted unanimously to implement new rules requiring cannabis product manufacturers to list all of the ingredients in cannabis cartridges. Previously, labels only had to indicate the active cannabinoid content of the cartridge and its percentage of THC. Now, product labels must also list additives, thickening agents, and the specific terpenes included in the cartridge.

The additives in vape cartridges

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