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LeafLine Labs pharmaceutical cannabis strains are converted to whole-plant, botanical extract; using multiple super-critical and sub-critical CO2 extraction protocols and established pharmaceutical methods. This allows Leafline to achieve unrivaled purity, consistency and safety in our extracts

LeafLine Lab’s extract based medications contain the whole botanical matrix of cannabinoids and terpenes required for maintaining the important “entourage effect” in our medications. All products are independently lab tested and meet potency and safety precision that mirrors the pharmaceutical industry. They call these medications Botaniceuticals: the precision, safety and dosing advantages of a pharmaceutical matched with the effective, natural complex whole-plant cannabis effect patients need.

  • No pesticides in their growing process
  • No diluting agents or solutions are added to their 100% pure cannabis vaporization oils
  • They include all-natural, health-focused ingredients in their oral formats including sprays, solutions and capsules

Three Formulations To Choose From


Cannabidiol, or CBD is usually the second most common cannabinoid in the cannabis plant. CBD is less sedating and has no psychoactive effect on patients. CBD was first studied for its anti-seizure properties and it is utilized to treat epilepsy and other seizure disorders. Recent research has also highlighted the neuro-protective and anti-inflammatory roles CBD plays. CBD also has its own pain relieving properties and works through multiple biochemical mechanisms in the human body. Finally, CBD when combined with THC and other cannabinoids and terpenes helps minimize the psychoactive (high) effects of unopposed THC. Our pharmacists often recommend Cobalt medications with our other medications to achieve even better results in some patients.


Some studies have looked at combinations of cannabinoids which include a roughly equal amount of THC and CBD. Combining THC and CBD in similar amounts diminishes the sedating psychoactive effect possible with higher THC concentrations while increasing the overall targeted therapeutic effect of the medication. CBD and THC also work very well together for certain pain related conditions. Our pharmacists commonly advise this type of medication for painful muscle spasm disorders, neuropathic pain, select cancer related pain and other conditions.


Most cannabis related research published until now has demonstrated that THC in appropriate amounts is responsible for many of the therapeutic effects for which cannabis is known.

THC works better when other cannabinoids like CBD are also present along with terpenes in the medication. We formulate our medications to maintain precise cannabinoid (THC, CBD etc.) quantities.

The THC in the medication can help improve appetite, reduce chronic pain, alleviate anxiety and more. This benefit comes without the risk of respiratory depression and high levels of addiction that current prescription opioid pain medications do.


Oral Capsules

Tangerine Capsules - 5mg - 30 Count

Vapable Products

Vapable Products

Tangerine Vape Cartridge - 400mg

Vapable Products

Tangerine Vape Syringe - 400mg

Vapable Products

Heather Vape Cartridge - 436mg

Vapable Products

Cobalt Vape Cartridge - 436mg

Sublingual Products

Sublingual Solution

Tangerine Sublingual Spray - 300mg

Sublingual Solution

Heather Sublingual Spray - 350mg

Oral Suspensions

Oral Solutions

Tangerine - 1200mg

Oral Solutions

Tangerine - 240mg

Oral Solutions

Tangerine - Orange Cream - 240mg

Oral Solutions

Tangerine - Orange Cream - 480mg

Oral Solutions

Heather - 600mg

Oral Solutions

Heather - Cherry Vanilla - 600mg

Oral Solutions

Heather - Cherry Vanilla - 1200mg

Oral Solutions

Cobalt - 1260mg


Topical Products

Heather - 300mg

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