LeafLine Labs Marijuana DIspensary

LeafLine Labs

2795 Pilot Knob Road
Eagan, MN 55121

Hours of Operation

Mon - Sat 9:00 - 5:00

About LeafLine Labs Dispensary in Eagon, MN

LeafLine Labs dispensary located at 2795 Pilot Knob Road in Eagan, Minnesota is here to service the greater Dakota County area. LeafLine Labs is focused on delivering safe, reliable and high-quality medical cannabis while providing knowledgeable, compassionate and dignified care to Minnesotans in need.

The full spectrum of pharmaceutical-grade cannabis medication from LeafLine Labs is developed at their state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Cottage Grove, Minnesota. These medicines meet the highest standards of purity, consistency and quality, and are independently lab tested to verify content.

Their medical cannabis formulations are made from whole plant extracts and contain THC and CBD as well as other cannabinoids in specific relative amounts.

Clinically, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) can help control various symptoms including pain, nausea and vomiting. While generally less sedating, cannabidiol (CBD) can also treat pain and reduce inflammation, seizures and other symptoms.

Your LeafLine Labs pharmacist will consult with you to find the individual medicine that is best able to treat you for your qualifying condition.

Medicines come in child resistant packaging and will be clearly labeled with directions and important information. All of their medicines are smoke free. The Eagan LeafLine Labs location is a state licensed dispensary that provides MMJ products to patients with a Qualifying Condition via walk in that have received a cannabis recommendation from a Certified Marijuana Doctor.

What People Are Saying

Kathryn Hansen
Kathryn H.
23:27 22 Dec 21
Easy access. Great products. Well worth the drive.
Dr. Nkem Chirpich
Dr. Nkem C.
18:14 22 Oct 21
Courteous staff. Pharmacist were very patient and quite knowledgeable in pharmaceuticals.
Jason Gill
Jason G.
01:41 11 Oct 21
Need more locations and cheaper price but they do a great job
15:44 04 Oct 21
All the staff at leafline labs is super friendly and helpful. Leafline labs cheaper than green goods, yet I find the products to be better. Their small selection is also less confusing than green goods, I wasn’t honestly 100% sure on the dosage and stuff when I went to green goods, where as here at leafline the products and dosages are displayed right on the website. They’re quick to answer the phone, so I don’t have to spend ages on hold when I need to call. The vapes are very strong, but they’re super smooth. They rarely make me cough and never hurt my lungs. I love that they have flavor options for the oral solutions and tinctures, it makes it much easier to take and the flavor is really good, it’s not nasty like typical medicine flavoring. I highly recommend leafline labs over green goods for medical marijuana, the quality of both products, service and price are much better
j barron
j B.
21:19 15 Jul 21
Make sure you see that quick right pass Holiday because you can miss the Leafline Labs sign. Very fast curbside and very friendly.
Saul Alanis
Saul A.
17:20 10 Jun 21
Spoke to three different pharmacist in a span of three days. Got a call on the day of noted I would be arriving early. Was told it would be ready. Went in to pay and was told it wasn’t ready. They couldn’t find a pharmacist. I waited outside in 90 degree weather. Went in after a while and they refused a refund when I hadn’t received any product. Receptionist standoffish made an excuse of being short staffed when obviously it wasn’t busy at all when I arrived. Not my problem. Rude and deceptive.
Mike Blomberg
Mike B.
05:38 06 Jun 21
Quality medication at a premium price. A true to life dispensary in which the patient comes first with favorable rewards systems. I can’t wait to see what is in store next year from them. Flower will be available ,and I hope the have something special that they have breeding for just such an occasion.
Zhondra Hislop
Zhondra H.
19:38 10 May 21
I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS LOCATION- I’ve been to this location several times and each time I always say will be the last but my experience today was unacceptable. It’s usually a long wait. The pharmacist will tell you one thing and the facility will tell another upon your arrival. I thought I had been receiving the $50 discount the last several times but found out today that i had not. The receptionist was kind but the women behind the counter in the back are rude and unwelcoming. I could express more but i’ll leave it here. –
Vinnie Valentine
Vinnie V.
22:15 01 May 21
Only dispensary I’ve been to in St Paul and Eagan. Staff are always great at customer service unlike so many businesses after Covid fail at presenting customer service skills.No complaints about this place.
Connie DiPietrantonio
Connie D.
02:17 05 Feb 21
Great pricing and specials, competent caring Pharmacist and staff
Ali Haverstock
Ali H.
16:39 19 Nov 20
This place has the most cost effective prices and they gave me a legal tab for carrying medical Marijuana.Amiable and caring. Great place to go !
the no1repoman
the N.
18:22 06 Nov 20
Always friendly staff. Always great you. Well I gess now its hard to tell with the mask but awesome place
Ashley Anderson
Ashley A.
00:17 06 Nov 20
Everyone that works her is SUPER NICE AND HELPFUL! I drive by 2 other leaf line labs just to go to this one.”My 9yr old LOVES THE LADIES THERE”just super nice respectful well mannered people work here.
Kimberly Johnson
Kimberly J.
17:12 27 Oct 20
I absolutely love this place! This location has the nicest staff!! Great service and drive up service while covid-19 is happening…
z Peterson
z P.
01:44 10 Oct 20
Very very kind and respectful staff! So glad I decided on this location! Thank you so much!
A Google User
A Google U.
02:04 24 Sep 20
Very professional staff and friendly, fast and convenient.. top of the line products!
Tina Erismann
Tina E.
23:11 15 Sep 20
The employees are amazing they are so friendly, concerned, always there for you no matter the issue very compationate. The people here know what they are doing and won’t allow your civil rights as a patient to be violated by the cop’s like the Washington County cop’s over six of them didn’t even know that medical cannabis was legal in Minnesota and that it came in a oil vaping form not a plant form they will also do everything in their power to protect you even just be supportive, people you can talk to and trust. They try to educate cop’s who are probably lost causes and a waste of time anyways cause you can’t teach an old dog new tricks 😂 but the people at LeafLine are the best Thank God for the Angels the people trying to do good and do right in this World! Love you LeafLine Employees You Are The Best! 😍💖🦋
Greg Blair
Greg B.
16:15 06 Sep 20
Rob Zylka
Rob Z.
17:50 28 Aug 20
Great product Great people.
21:50 04 Aug 20
They picked up and answered all my needs . They also helped me get the help I need after a decade of living with a disorder.
Debbie Fry
Debbie F.
00:22 18 Jul 20
Over the years, I have always been treated with respect. I love this clinic/dispensary. Now, the staff is out there literally sweating, at the curb, sun, rain or whatever they can do in this pandemic.Many Thanks!
Julie Lessard
Julie L.
04:48 12 Jun 20
Love the ladies who work there
Patrick Hendricks
Patrick H.
05:27 31 Dec 19
Great location with friendly and helpful staff. Would like a better discount program.
Michael Schnarr
Michael S.
03:47 17 Dec 19
Great service with knowledgable staff
John Wilson
John W.
15:16 07 Dec 19
My gripes about this dispensary: there is a very limited number of products, they have harsh vapes and they don’t have distillates and the products are crazy expensive. more expensive than MinnMed in Bloomington. Worth the trip over their instead for me. The vapes are smooth there and more affordable.
Cully Simon
Cully S.
00:25 27 Nov 19
You know I see alot of complaints regarding price and selection but honestly I think the lot of you would be seeing it differently if you came from my former state. Try living somewhere where just having it in your system is a felony….think about that you havent smoked for three weeks and get tested for suspicion of under the influence or workplace and get a felony. Not too mention most medical providers scoff when you tell them that cannabis helps you deal with your ailments and push heavy pharmaceuticals with Terrible side effects. Was met by a super friendly and knowledgeable staff that made me feel at home and would highly recommend this to anybody. I guess all I’m saying is be lucky that we have this option it could be worse.
native pride
native P.
02:33 26 Jun 19
I’ve been a customer of Minnesota medical Solution’s for quite a while now I can say that I will be buying their capsules still And Balm from time to time..I travel alot used to CA/CO variety. if your like me and smoke alot an need actual flavor/Terpenes Like Limonene then Leafline should be your stop. Great oil and cartridges! They answer the phone aswell 🤯😤👌. thanks for help with my pain Leafline
Daniel Patterson
Daniel P.
15:14 18 Jun 19
Love this place. It has made me a friendlier person. I’m told.
Joe Girard
Joe G.
13:45 01 May 19
Excellent staff and great products. A little pricey but that’s what you pay for when you want quality trusted product! Highly recommend LeafLine Labs to everyone
Brian Viengthong
Brian V.
01:01 24 Apr 19
Love the place. It feels and looks professional compared to the other dispensary located in the twin cities. Very pleasant experience at first consultation. I would definitely recommend this company over others, just wished they had something south of the river towards Shakopee and beyond.
Brian Viengthong
Brian V.
17:52 23 Apr 19
Love the place. It feels and looks professional compared to the other dispensary located in the twin cities. Very pleasant experience at first consultation. I would definitely recommend this company over others, just wished they had something south of the river towards Shakopee and beyond.
Dan Henry
Dan H.
18:08 20 Mar 19
The Eagan LeafLine Labs Patient Care Center is state of the art and staffed with incredible people. As with all LeafLine Labs PCCs the Eagan location is equipped with handicapped accessible amenities, child play areas, several spacious consultation rooms and a coffee bar in the central pharmacy area. LeafLine Labs really is the best when it comes to medical cannabis!
Aaron  Schultz
Aaron S.
16:59 29 Oct 18
They are always willing to help you out with anything. the best customer service. thank you for helping me with some relief of pain and anxiety with your medical products. And thanks to the state of Minnesota for having compassion for their residents.
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