LeafLine Labs Marijuana DIspensary

LeafLine Labs

141 33rd Ave South
St Cloud, MN 56301

Hours of Operation

Mon - Sat 9:00 - 5:00

About LeafLine Labs Dispensary in St Cloud, MN

LeafLine Labs dispensary located at 141 33rd Ave South in St Cloud, Minnesota is here to service the greater Stearns & Benton Counties area. LeafLine Labs is focused on delivering safe, reliable and high-quality medical cannabis while providing knowledgeable, compassionate and dignified care to Minnesotans in need.

The full spectrum of pharmaceutical-grade cannabis medication from LeafLine Labs is developed at their state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Cottage Grove, Minnesota. These medicines meet the highest standards of purity, consistency and quality, and are independently lab tested to verify content.

Their medical cannabis formulations are made from whole plant extracts and contain THC and CBD as well as other cannabinoids in specific relative amounts.

Clinically, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) can help control various symptoms including pain, nausea and vomiting. While generally less sedating, cannabidiol (CBD) can also treat pain and reduce inflammation, seizures and other symptoms.

Your LeafLine Labs pharmacist will consult with you to find the individual medicine that is best able to treat you for your qualifying condition.

Medicines come in child resistant packaging and will be clearly labeled with directions and important information. All of their medicines are smoke free. The St Cloud LeafLine Labs location is a state licensed dispensary that provides MMJ products to patients with a Qualifying Condition via walk in that have received a cannabis recommendation from a Certified Marijuana Doctor.

What People Are Saying

Mark Beach
Mark B.
17:36 03 Jan 22
Fast service at a good price great staff
Jesse Hauberg
Jesse H.
16:43 02 Jan 22
Use up those rewards folks the loyalty program will be ending. All discounts through state insurance and disability will remain. 5% to 15% off for qualified purchases.read more
14:05 21 Dec 21
I am changing my review. Earlier I had posted a scathing review b/c of a string of what I thought were defective cartridges. Turns out the root of the problem was a defective mod. Thanks to a couple diligent employees who worked hard to resolve my issue everything is right with the world and I have nothing but good things to say. Thanks to the staff at Leafline for resolving my issue.read more
Mona Pittman
Mona P.
21:34 16 Dec 21
Great customer service and prices are reasonable, hopefully when flower is available in March 2022 There will be a big variety to choose from and the promise to keep prices down will hold trueread more
sarah temple
sarah T.
13:56 26 Oct 21
Best medical marijuana in the area and actually the only one lol.
Mark Beach
Mark B.
23:03 04 Oct 21
Fast service at a good price
Sneese “Sneese”
Sneese “.
23:11 20 Sep 21
Quick curbside pickup. People are always pleasant and friendly.
Sarah Temple
Sarah T.
05:12 26 Aug 21
Since I started taking medical cannabis I haven’t had seizures, which I used to get 3 minimum a week. I’ve been taking the medication for about 3 years. I also have ulcers and I did a gastric bypass 12/29/08 and can now keep food down and not get completely nauseousiated when I eat.read more
19:06 08 Jul 21
Their cartridges leak and ultimately fail. Brought back my last 3 cartriges, ALL defective. Was given 1 replacement. Before I left the parking lot I tried the replacement and it was leaking and already partially plugged. When I attempted to address the issue I was told they will not replace until it plugs solid. I have to drive 1.5 hours to get medicine. This is unacceptable. I will no longer go to leafline. When paying the highest prices in the country, quality is expected.read more
Linda Anderson
Linda A.
23:50 11 Jun 21
First time there really nervous but the staff there was absolutely wonderful everybody was smiling really made me relax me any questions I had they were always able to answer themread more
Kate Boyington
Kate B.
22:15 25 Mar 21
The staff at Leafline labs are the greatest! They are kind, friendly, and very knowledgeable. They made transitioning from opiates to marijuana so easy.read more
Dianne Leinonen
Dianne L.
19:44 09 Mar 21
They are very helpful when I am there.. However the prices are high. I paid alot less in Colorado when I lived there.. but this is Minnesota..read more
sally forehand
sally F.
05:31 25 Feb 21
Very sweet and concerned staff. She was smiling and pleasant. Treated us as if we were important and not just a fly by. Excellent customer serviceread more
21:21 06 Feb 21
My experience was great…1st timer, I wasn’t sure what to expect, (but like I expected) it went very good. I could tell by the conversations I had with staff….It would be a win, win! Thank You, Leaf Line Labs!read more
Bridget Denery
Bridget D.
21:49 21 Nov 20
Friendly and fast. Thanks again 🙂
Latha Steinbronn
Latha S.
05:03 11 Nov 20
First time picking up my new prescription. Was safe and fast service. All done from my car window so we all stayed safe. If this is the kind of pharmacy you need I highly recommend! Getting my info signed up on the phone, all people I spoke to were kind and very knowledgeable too!read more
Terry Kosnopfal
Terry K.
22:03 09 Nov 20
Great service and friendly people across the board , extremely helpful with helping to walk you through the program and the process with full understanding .read more
Anna Bos
Anna B.
00:46 29 Oct 20
I love this place. They provide me with one product in particular that compares to no where else, and I have tried them all. I wish this MEDICINE would get the credit it deserves!!read more
Nikki O
Nikki O
16:52 12 Sep 20
The Staff is Amazing ❤❤❤Leafline Labs Has Changed My Life❤ThankYou for the ability to provide Alternative Health Care Options for people like me❤❤❤I have Chronic Back and Abdominal Pain associated with my ADPKD, Manic Depression, Anxiety, PTSD…❤❤❤I am off ALL PharmaceuticalsAnd I give the credit to LeaflineLabs❤❤❤Thank Youread more
12:53 09 Sep 20
The people working here are pretty wonderful. The pharmacists are knowledgeable, and support staff are super friendly.
Sara J
Sara J
01:31 09 Sep 20
Customer service here is great and friendly! They are curteous and prepared to help!
Brad Nikko
Brad N.
17:15 04 Sep 20
The staff is excellent. They are knowledgeable and competent about the possible complications with other medications. I am a recovering cancer patient. The regimen they prescribed kept my nausea to a minimum through 10 rounds of chemo. Adjustments were made, so it’s important to keep them aware of your medication changes. There are a lot of quacks out there. These folks know their business and are delightful to work with.read more
Peter Schwartz
Peter S.
18:33 28 Aug 20
Zachary Taylor
Zachary T.
12:26 28 Aug 20
OMG The staff are incredible!
Larry OConnell
Larry O.
14:12 17 Aug 20
Staff is great!! Prices are terribly high!!!!Quality is ok, product selection is horrendous!!!! Minnesota needs to step up its game!!! Ohhh in case you didn’t know? No flower!! Only oil !!read more
Sara J
Sara J
08:05 14 Jul 20
Customer service here is great and friendly! They are curteous and prepared to help!
MrTwistedwheeler .
MrTwistedwheeler .
00:36 29 Jun 20
Yes. I am a patient here. I am not ashamed of coming to Leif Line LAbs. They treat me with respect! A lot better than my old dealer. Thank you.read more
Natalie K _
Natalie K _
02:08 28 May 20
Very nice staff are so helpful and knowledgeable. No judgements. Ever.
Annie Plaisance
Annie P.
16:51 17 Mar 20
Great staff!! Very knowledgeable, friendly and helpful and caring!! The only downfall is that LeafLine won’t open more facilities North. They’re all going south. 😪read more
Mikey Brand
Mikey B.
05:01 08 Feb 20
the staff are knowledgeable and very friendly! These guys have impeccable customer service and very caring. The only problem I have is not with the company, but sometimes the medication isn’t up to par, but that’s the state of Minnesota regulations and not a reflection of Leafline labs. Somewhat pricey at times as well.read more
david schwanke
david S.
22:48 06 Feb 20
One of two companies that supply your medical cannabis needs. 4 stars for service and quality. Last star is missing because of price, lack of raw flower(due to legality) and lack of variety.read more
John Meyer
John M.
12:58 30 Jan 20
People are courteous, helpful, and just good people. And the service is quick no waiting around.
Annieline Yeet
Annieline Y.
18:36 24 Jan 20
Always friendly staff on the phone for orders, the St. Cloud location has never made me wait longer than 10 minutes to fill an order, and almost immediate turn around time on any questions.Products are generally high quality, and any problems with them are adresssed on the spot and with the customer in mind.Friendly, fast, informative.read more
David & Flobear Shaugobay
David & Flobear S.
02:12 20 Jan 20
Wow great great service.Got well informed about medical cannabis. Great location nothing wrong with this location in our book.read more
Brandon Quesnel
Brandon Q.
20:17 06 Jan 20
Everyone here has been super helpful and amazing, especially my pharmacist, Jordan! 😊 My quality of life has significantly improved since I became a patient at Leafline Labs — Thank you everyone for the amazing things you are doing.read more
Christopher Maloney
Christopher M.
04:47 27 Dec 19
Love the medicine given. Better prices than the other dispensaries in Minnesota
Tracia Gloudemans
Tracia G.
20:10 11 Dec 19
I was struggling with a lot of pain and I met with Jordan and she helped me to choose what would help me the most…great gal!! I am starting to get my pain under control and I so appreciate the help I have received! Great staff!!read more
Cole Dazell
Cole D.
01:37 05 Dec 19
Extremely overpriced and I felt like I wasn’t able to select what I wanted to try. Everything was prescribed by the pharmacist and the oral solution I got tasted terrible. It’s hard to swallow, honestly. Unless you can afford $800-$1000 or more on cannabis prescriptions, you’re better off waiting until flower is added to the program so it’s cheaper.read more
Chris Roehl
Chris R.
18:20 02 Dec 19
I was treated with courtesy and understanding. My individual case was treated with professionalism. All my options were explained and I was allowed to pick my own treatment plan. Both my doctor and my pharmacist we’re very amiable and pleasant people. Thank you, Christopherread more
Cheryl Orluck
Cheryl O.
13:12 27 Nov 19
Staff is helpful and knowledgeable. Located in an area that is not safe. They only accept cash payments.
Derek Gullickson
Derek G.
07:49 24 Oct 19
The best quality medicine in the state. A little pricey but they charge what they did because they can.
Sylvia Caskey
Sylvia C.
16:50 10 Oct 19
Comfortable environment. Very friendly staff. Things move smoothly there as well. Always seems like I’m in and out.
Matthew McAfee
Matthew M.
22:07 05 Oct 19
I love all the employees there they are always looking out for you and always in a great mood amazing service
Sean Conrad
Sean C.
13:23 04 Oct 19
Extremely professional with excellent care and service. The pharmacist and staff are extremely helpful. Prices are very high, but that’s mostly because of current laws and regulations so I find it hard to fault this place for that. Call your representatives and pressure them to lower the cost of this medication.read more
Roxanne Sieler
Roxanne S.
14:06 17 Sep 19
Awesome and very friendly and helpful services, but think the price could be little cheeper, but I love the people.
Trisha Abbott
Trisha A.
16:39 14 Sep 19
The customer service at the Saint Cloud location is absolutely amazing. People that work there are very friendly and go out of their way to help.Very comfortable and relaxing atmosphere. Convenient locations in St Cloud,Hibbing and Metro locations as well. Would highly recommend to anyone who is experiencing pain or suffering from chronic illness. Thank you Leafline!read more
Luanne Hochstatter
Luanne H.
10:30 27 Aug 19
Most beautiful park I’ve ever been to.
Luanne Hochstatter
Luanne H.
10:25 27 Aug 19
Most beautiful park I’ve ever been to.
Jason Bouvette
Jason B.
20:55 24 Aug 19
I am new to medical cannabis and LeafLine Labs pharmacists were very knowledgeable and pleasant to work with. They weren’t pushy to purchase specific lines of products just to make money. And their vaporizer cartridges are very effective. Altogether great experience.read more
Dennis Giddings
Dennis G.
17:11 11 Aug 19
Love this place but I wish the government lower their taxation so they didn’t have to charge $77 for a half a gram
Destiny Mae Hyatt
Destiny Mae H.
00:56 24 Jun 19
You all are so nice there,and I am very happy with the medical marijuana for my heath issues 7 years dealing with my problems with no relief in sight and now I can manage to get threw my days better I sleep way better. Thank you this has changed my life ☺read more
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