Lebanon Announces Plan to Legalize Medical Marijuana Use and Cultivation

With the economic benefits of cannabis increasingly coming into focus, many countries are considering some form of legalization. Most recently, Lebanon has announced a plan to legalize the use and cultivation of medical marijuana. The move could become an important boost to the country’s struggling economy.

Cannabis Could Lift Lebanon’s Economy

As reported by CNN, Lebanon’s decision to think about legalizing medical marijuana is largely based on economic motives. In particular, officials in the country appear to be taking seriously a recent report created by consulting firm McKinsey & Co.

In that report, McKinsey outlined a number of things Lebanon could do to increase economic activity. Growing and producing medical marijuana was one of these suggestions. The firm said that entering the global medical marijuana industry could be a key to economic growth in Lebanon.

Now, it appears that top officials in Lebanon have voiced support for such a move. In particular, House Speaker Nabih Berri has publicly said he wants to see the country legalize medical marijuana and medical marijuana cultivation.

He then went a step further. He said that the Lebanese parliament is already working on a plan to make it happen. So far, no specific details have been

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