Let My Boy Have Cannabis to Control His Epileptic Fits

THE mother of a boy who suffers up to 300 seizures a day fears her son may be forced to have surgery because she cannot get medical cannabis for him. Oscar Smith, five, suffers from myoclonic astatic epilepsy, a rare form of the illness known as Doose Syndrome, which is very hard to control.

He has been on a range of medications with some having side effects but nothing has worked.His mother Emma, 34, says she wants him to be able to try epidiolex, a form of cannabidiol – the plant’s extract – which has a low level of THC, the main mindaltering ingredient.

Some other children in the UK have been prescribed the drug since the Home Office changed the rules in July.

Oscar’s only option is an operation to insert in his chest a Vagus Nerve Stimulator, a device used to treat seizures when drugs are not effective.

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