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This past week, a homeless disabled veteran had to take my Lyft all the way to Champaign and back to fill his prescription. I had not realized he lived in the shelter until I dropped him off there. There is no marijuana dispensary in Decatur, so he had to pay at least $100  to go from the shelter to the dispensary and back to the shelter. He should have been able to use those resources to get his life together, not to commute two hours to get his medication. Why are dispensaries not allowed here? Does the city council recommend he take something more addictive instead?

My stepmother has severe back and neck problems and PTSD. She used to be addicted to opioids and tranquilizers. She was told she would never work again, was so unstable from the drugs she was sometimes dangerous and was very abusive to my dad. She finally faced it and told her doctor, “Get me off all of this stuff. The pain and panic attacks are better than this.” She started getting cannabis-infused candies and has since been able to return to work. Dad

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