Lil Wayne Officially Enters Cannabis Industry

One of the most prolific rappers and cannabis enthusiasts of the generation has decided to enter the cannabis industry as Lil Wayne announced his new cannabis brand GKUA Ultra Premium early this week. 

According to GKUA launch announcement, Lil Wayne wants the new brand to celebrate the best cannabis in the world. The company will attempt to merge the cutting edge of cannabis tech with experienced cultivators to create its own one of a kind experience  

In the age of celebrity cannabis the first question you have to ask is “how is the pot?” Now obviously we’re giving Weezy the benefit of the doubt; I mean he co-headlined the first Cannabis Cup in California after the adult-use market came alive. The guy has spent the better part of the last 20 years as his own traveling weather phenomenon with the cloud coverage he’s bringing in. So one would imagine someone that loves weed that much wouldn’t just throw his iconic name on some mids; according to the announcement, he’s had samples and approved everything in the lineup. This is definitely not always the case with some celeb-backed companies grabbing whatever white label product they can. 

And that’s not to be

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