Los Angeles Cannabis Entrepreneurs File Lawsuit Over Dispensary Approval Process

Potential cannabis business owners in Los Angeles looking to open new shops are suing the city, claiming the process for applying for a license is  “flawed.”

The L.A. Times reports that the lawsuit was filed last week by the Social Equity Owners and Workers Association. They are demanding that the city vet all applications based on a first-come-first-served basis or come up with a new system that is more “equal, fair, and transparent.”

Back in September, when 100 new licenses were expected to be awarded in L.A., hundreds rushed to get in first so that their business would be considered. It has since been revealed that some started their applications before the official 10 a.m launch time. Many claimed that the process wasn’t fair and called for an audit to look more into what happened.

The audit revealed that although some people were able to start their applications early, “reasonable and appropriate” steps were taken to make sure there was no unfair advantage. Applications were reportedly pushed back in line to where they should have been, had the applicants started at the correct time. 

However, this wasn’t enough

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