Lt. Governor of Pennsylvania Reports Most Residents Support Legalizing Marijuana

Back in February, Pennsylvania Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman kicked off a statewide listening tour to engage the public and gather input on the issue of legalizing cannabis for adult use. Lt. Gov. Fetterman vowed to visit all of Pennsylvania’s 67 counties. And on Monday, he presented the feedback he gathered from his stops in the 50 counties he’s been able to visit so far. Speaking before the joint House and Senate Democratic Policy Committee, Fetterman reported that most residents support legalizing marijuana.

Statewide Listening Tour Reveals 60-70 Percent of Pennsylvanians Support Legal Weed

Plenty of national and statewide polls have been conducted to gauge public support, or lack thereof, for marijuana polic reform. Virtually all of those polls place broad support for cannabis legalization in the majority. They just differ on the size of that majority, measuring it either in the 60-percent range (for adult-use legalization) or the 80-percent range for some form of legalization. A better indicator might be the amount of people who support criminalizing cannabis, a number that continues to dwindle rapidly.

But Pennsylvania Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman didn’t want to rely on poll data. Instead, he wanted to hear directly from Pennsylvania residents themselves. So in

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