Maine Officials Set Goal Date for Start of Recreational Marijuana Sales

Maine, a state that legalized recreational marijuana in 2016, still doesn’t have a commercial marketplace for cannabis. But regulators say they at least have a plan for what that marketplace will look like, one they hope to have up and running by spring 2020. Maine’s medical cannabis industry operators and entrepreneurs eager to get a foothold in the consumer market aren’t too pleased with the draft rules, however. They say onerous requirements put small local producers at a major disadvantage and pave the way for a takeover by large cannabis corporations.

Maine’s Proposed Regulations Could Crush Craft Cannabis, Critics Say

A month ago, in late April, Maine’s Office of Marijuana Policy unveiled their draft plan of a regulatory structure to govern a commercial cannabis industry. The 74-page rulebook gave Maine residents their first real glimpse at what recreational marijuana sales might look like. The Office of Marijuana Policy worked “at a breakneck pace to complete the work necessary to establish the regulatory and licensing regime that will govern adult-use marijuana,” said director Erik Gundersen. The goal was to deliver a final draft of the proposed rules to the Maine Legislature before they wrap up their first regular session this June.

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