Marijuana Legalization Measures Pass In 5 States

Voters in five states approved ballot measures to relax marijuana laws on Election Day, continuing a trend of liberalizing cannabis regulation around the country.

Ballot initiatives in Arizona, Montana, New Jersey and South Dakota that sought to legalize recreational marijuana use by adults passed, according to data from The Associated Press and other sources cited by The New York Times. South Dakotans also approved a separate measure permitting medical marijuana use, as did Mississippi voters.

Arizonans approved their ballot measure 60% to 40% and New Jerseyans 67% to 33% on the lone marijuana initiatives in those states. Montanans approved a recreational cannabis initiative 57%-43% and an amendment to the state constitution to establish 21 years old as the minimum age for legal marijuana purchase, possession and use, by a margin of 58% to 42%.

In South Dakota, voters amended their state constitution to allow legal recreational cannabis use 53% to 47% and approved a medical marijuana ballot initiative 69% to 31%.

Mississippians faced a two-part choice. They voted in favor of authorizing medical marijuana 68% to 32% and in favor of a second measure allowing wide use of medical cannabis 74% to 26% over a

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