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CANNABIS CULTURE – There are many unsung heroes of the marijuana movement, but Greg “Marijuana Man” Williams is one of the greatest. Loved by all, disliked by none, this man gave his all to our shared cause.

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It is fair to say that of all the cannabis being grown today, much of it –– possibly even most of it –– can be traced back to seeds distributed by this wonderful soul. Decades ago, cannabis was not easy to find or to grow, and for most gardeners, the strain selection was limited. Greg Williams began working for Marc Emery’s world-changing “Emery Direct Marijuana Seed Bank” in 1996, when it was nearly impossible for growers to access seeds and a wide range of genetics.

Greg ran the Seed Desk in the landmark Cannabis Culture Headquarters building in downtown Vancouver, BC. Together with Marc and the late Michelle Rainey, Greg spent a decade selling many millions of seeds across Canada and the United States, and beyond. For that, they were arrested in 2005 and faced life in US prison; Michelle and Greg were spared with probation, while Marc served a five-year sentence. Greg

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