Massachusetts Lawmakers Considering Cannabis Home Delivery Laws

Regulators in Massachusetts have reached an agreement that would allow the home delivery of cannabis products in the state. If approved, the plan would also give communities affected by the War on Drugs an expedited path to representation in the state’s newly legal cannabis industry.

The state Cannabis Control Commission voted 4-1 on Friday to adopt a group of policies to implement the home delivery program. A final vote on the detailed regulations of the plan is expected from the commission next month, according to media reports.

If approved, the program would allow the home delivery of cannabis products throughout the state, except in the many municipalities that have banned retail pot sales. Purchases would be made from licensed retail dispensaries and delivered by independent businesses licensed by the state. Delivery companies would be allowed to serve multiple dispensaries and would be required to return any undelivered product to its source at the end of each day.

Diversity in Cannabis

In an effort to comply with a statutory requirement that Massachusetts create a diverse cannabis industry, for at least two years home delivery licenses would only be available to entrepreneurs participating the commission economic empowerment and social equity programs.


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