Massachusetts Officials and Lyft Launch Joint Sober Driving Campaign

With anticipation over the legal adult-use cannabis market building up, Massachusetts state officials are bracing for what they expect will be a surge in drug-related traffic accidents. To get ahead of the problem, state police, cannabis advocates and two popular ride-sharing platforms, Uber and Lyft, are teaming up to launch an education and enforcement campaign to encourage Massachusetts drivers to pledge to drive sober.

Massachusetts law enforcement and public safety officials want people to think responsibly when they consume alcohol and, soon, legal marijuana. So they’ve teamed up with representatives from Uber and Lyft to educate the public about the risks of driving drunk and driving high.

Undersecretary of the state’s Office of Public Safety and Security Jennifer Queally cited a reported uptick in stoned driving in Colorado as a major motivation for Massachusetts’ own sober driving campaign. Colorado officials agree they’re having issues with folks driving high. They even launched a public survey to gather more data about what causes cannabis consumers to get behind the wheel when they’re high.

“It’s not uncommon to hear people say, ‘I drive better when I’m high,’ Queally said. But “people do not drive better when they’re high,” she added. “If you are

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