Michigan Began Selling Legal Recreational Cannabis On Sunday

More than a year after voters in Michigan approved a measure legalizing pot, thousands of people from across the Great Lakes region lined up at stores throughout the state to make an historic purchase.

“I wanted to be a part of history,” said Kelly Savage, a 25-year-old from Columbus, Ohio, as quoted by the The Detroit News. “It was worth it, even if it was just a half an ounce, it was worth it.”

The outlet reported that Savage forked over $480 in cash for an ounce of Platinum OG, “a flower with a high content of delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol.”

Savage told The Detroit News that he has Type 1 diabetes, and that marijuana can be more effective in treatment than insulin.

Gregg Etzel, a 67-year-old from Ann Arbor, Michigan, showed up to buy nearly $300 worth of marijuana flower and wax.

“It got me off opioids. The withdrawal was awful. The doctors did that to me. With marijuana, there is no withdrawal,” Etzel told The Detroit News.

A New Law Goes Into Effect

Michigan voters passed Proposition 1, which legalized recreational marijuana for adults, by a 12-point margin in last year’s election. From there, it was down to state lawmakers to

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