Michigan Considering Medical Marijuana Home Delivery Service

Regulators in Michigan are considering new rules that would allow the home delivery of medical marijuana to patients. The move is an effort to provide access to medicinal cannabis to more patients, especially those who have serious illnesses or do not live near dispensaries.

Andrew Brisbo, the director of the state Bureau of Medical Marihuana Regulation, said the topic of home delivery came up early in the regulatory process.

“This isn’t a brand new issue,” Brisbo said. “We heard about it even during the promulgation of the emergency rules.”

The Bureau is in the process of creating permanent rules governing the state’s medical marijuana program. Currently, the program is being regulated by emergency rules that do not permit cannabis home delivery. Regulators are expected to hold a public hearing on the proposed changes to the emergency regulations in September before they are implemented by the end of the year.

Michigan voters approved the medicinal use of cannabis in a 2008 election, but the state did not begin licensing medical marijuana businesses until this year.

Program ‘Crucial’ For Patients

Rick Thompson, the editor and publisher of the Michigan Cannabis Industries Report, said that home delivery of medicinal cannabis is “crucial” for some patients.

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