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Find the Best Doctor Clinics in Minnesota – Find doctor clinics in Minnesota that recommend THC and CBD products for medical use throughout the state. Some certified doctors are open and actively seeing patients with specific qualified conditions to help them get their medical card.

Marijuana cards in Minnesota will provide patients access to medical cannabis products from Leafline Labs or Minnesota Medical Solutions that include THC & CBD Oils for vaporizing, capsules, oral syringes, vaporizer cartridges, cannabis tinctures, balms. Vape pens can be purchased as well. 

Find participating MN marijuana doctors near you on our maps that certify patient’s or fill out the Patient Registration Form.

Marijuana Doctors Near Me

What are the qualifying conditions for Minnesota medical marijuana?

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MN Veterans For Marijuana

Veterans in Minnesota have expressed strong support for medical marijuana as a proven treatment for medical conditions they face. The most common being Pain Management and PTSD, which is a spectrum anxiety disorder that cannabis treats without the commonly prescribed anti-anxiety prescription medications like Xanax, Klonopin & Valium.

One Combat Wounded Veteran stated, “Smoking marijuana took me off the razors edge. I was finally able to slow down my brain and concentrate on what was at hand”. Currently, Minnesota veterans have to go out of the network to a civilian doctor for an MMJ recommendation as the Veterans Administration is still conducting studies.

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