Minnesota Medical Solutions Marijuana Dispensary

Minnesota Medical Solutions

104 7th St S
Moorhead, MN 56560

Hours of Operation

Mon - Thurs - 10:00 - 4:00
Sat 8:00 - 4:00

About Minnesota Medical Solutions Dispensary in Moorhead, MN

Minnesota Medical Solutions dispensary located at 104 7th St S in Moorhead, Minnesota is here to service the greater Clay County area. Minnesota Medical Solutions is a physician-led company dedicated to providing patients with best-in-class cannabis-based products and high quality care.

Minnesota Medical Solutions cultivate cannabis in their environmentally friendly greenhouses and manufactures pharmaceutical-grade cannabis extracts in their state-of-the-art labs. These products are then sold through open cannabis stores to qualifying patients in Minnesota and New York.

The Minnesota Medical Solutions team is comprised of physicians, scientists, and horticulturists that have been successful in a variety of settings and bring a broad spectrum of experience in best practices and evidence-based medicine.

The Moorhead Minnesota Medical Solutions location is a state licensed dispensary that provides MMJ products to patients with a Qualifying Condition via walk in that have received a cannabis recommendation from a Certified Prescribing Doctor.

What People Are Saying

Mike Riva
Mike R.
16:22 29 Dec 21
Amazing customer service. I never feel like I’m being taken advantage of. They saved me from taking a two out trip to replace a battery. Referred me to local business in my town for what I needed instead of making money off me. I just feel like I get honest help from good people every time we interact. Would give 10 stars if I could!read more
Tanner Percy
Tanner P.
06:05 04 Dec 21
I absolutely LOVE the energy/vibe you get as soon as you enter Green Goods. Everybody greets you, makes small talk, and so kind. 10/10 P.S. ADD BEANIES TO THE MERCH! 🙏🏾🙌🏾read more
James Graffeo
James G.
05:16 17 Oct 21
These people are very knowledgeable they literally walked me through it I had my card in 48 hours. Prices are premium but so is the product. really looking forward to getting the flower in Marchread more
Abraham Guerrero
Abraham G.
16:52 14 Oct 21
Super friendly people. Service with a smile and I couldnt be happier to be a member
Miranda Klemetson
Miranda K.
19:04 11 Aug 21
Super friendly and knowledgeable staff. Always a welcoming environment
Brian Smart
Brian S.
22:17 19 Jul 21
Green Goods Moorhead is fantastic. The staff is friendly, helpful, and kind. Their products are effective/helpful, and reasonably priced. Go here for your medical cannabis needs!read more
Blossom Chwialkowski
Blossom C.
15:36 19 Jul 21
I love this place and everything I’ve gotten here is always great. So are the staff . I highly recommend them to everyone.read more
Zachary zuniga
Zachary Z.
04:21 25 Jun 21
I’ve been a regular patient for a couple years now I think and they are some of the kindest and most professional people, they know me by name, and they are always open to answer any questions that I may have. I would definitely recommend anyone who needs cannabis to come here to the Moorhead location!read more
Jessica Thompson
Jessica T.
03:27 23 Jun 21
Glad I chose this place. People are very nice and helpful with my needs.
Erica V
Erica V
20:49 13 Jun 21
They’re always extremely professional, and the friendliness and customer service is fantastic… seriously old school love. You don’t see it much anymore.read more
Darla Donaldson
Darla D.
18:46 05 Jun 21
Customer service was great, greatly appreciated Mike!
Producer Josh
Producer J.
19:13 06 May 21
The experience is quite incredible. You are always greeted by what I can only describe as the friendliest group of knowledgeable professionals I have ever encountered.Very efficientMore than one way to orderMore than one way to pay (including an easy to use app)Pet friendly (had a dog with me)Masks provided (if forgotten)Discounts for those who qualify (many ways to qualify)read more
Hollie Halvorson
Hollie H.
18:31 20 Apr 21
I began using medical cannabis for pain a couple months ago after having been on opiods for nearly 16 years due to a back condition. The pharmacists I have spoken with have been great in helping me choose which products to try. I have picked up a few orders at the Moorhead location and staff are always extremely nice.read more
Steve Pistulka
Steve P.
20:35 07 Apr 21
I had to call in to get help, I couldn’t rest my password, Michael answered the phone, walked me through what I needed, and did my self evaluation while I was on the phone, I showed up 2 hrs later, Michael greeted me and checked me in, then, he helped me to reset my password to what I wanted, so I could log , AWESOME !!!! THANK YOU 😊,MY pharmacist was very polite and happy, , all in all, ONE AWESOME CREW, THANKS AGAINread more
Chris Erickson
Chris E.
15:42 01 Apr 21
Nice clean shop with friendly helpful staff in a warm atmosphere, Thank you Green Goods! 👍
Jourdan Fischer
Jourdan F.
20:42 31 Mar 21
This place is great, all of the staff are so helpful and wonderful.
Nicole Taylor
Nicole T.
19:51 31 Mar 21
They are always extremely quick and very friendly!
Natalie Gehr
Natalie G.
19:36 31 Mar 21
Always prompt and communicative in addition to being very inclusive and assisting any questions/concerns I have. Thank you for always being great!read more
Mic Mills
Mic M.
09:27 12 Feb 21
Go above and beyond. Easy to drive by and not see it /miss the turn. Otherwise super staff and glad its available.
Andrea Einarson
Andrea E.
00:56 25 Dec 20
Impressive staff … always very helpful and kind!
Abigail Vondal
Abigail V.
18:48 02 Dec 20
Very friendly service. Prompt. Understanding. Excellent place to be!
Jennifer Vondal
Jennifer V.
12:45 10 Nov 20
The staff is wonderful! I started last year and have gotten off of 3 prescription medications. Life is so much better now! Thank you GREEN GOODS!read more
Missey Olson
Missey O.
14:35 20 Oct 20
Very nice employees. Love the products! I have had great results with them.
Keith Meidinger
Keith M.
23:01 27 Sep 20
All super friendly and helpful staff, especially in these stressful times. Also the disability discount is nice, we could all save a little money…read more
Brad Cloud
Brad C.
00:11 08 Sep 20
Very knowledgeable and professional staff. Treat like one of the family. Looking forward to going back.
02:24 04 Aug 20
Reasonably priced product and excellent customer service!! Thank you for Covid precautions!
Cole D
Cole D
20:13 25 Jul 20
Cost is terrible, not their fault though. Amy deserves a raise, she’s pretty great. All the pharmacists are awesome, honestly.Staff is very patient and informative.read more
Benjamin Colley
Benjamin C.
23:31 17 Jul 20
Friendly and knowledgeable staff. Pharmacist answered all my questions. Oh, and this is next door you the pizza hut on 7th and main. Same plaza. No sign that immediately catches the eye, though.read more
Marty Kaml
Marty K.
12:07 15 Jul 20
Very helpful and knowledgeable. Excellent service.
Steven Pieper
Steven P.
22:34 10 Jun 20
Always on time! SUPER FRIENDLY!! My first experience with vaping and THC. Very informative and patient…….much appreciated since I am a newbie!! 🙂 HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!read more
Heather Luggar
Heather L.
07:10 02 Jun 20
New patient, have visited a couple times now.Quick service, friendly staff, just within walking distance for me. Look forward to continuing business.read more
Barbara Malinowski
Barbara M.
23:22 24 Apr 20
Very professional, secure and the staff is so congenial and go that extra mile to help.
Kim Johnson
Kim J.
13:34 22 Apr 20
This has been a blessing in helping my 87 yr old Dad finally get relief from the constant pain he was in from having dry shoulder sockets. His pain levels are minimal now, he is able to sleep again and that all makes him feel better so he is back to his old self! No more cortisone shots- they had stopped providing relief anyway! He is a huge proponent for these products and tells everyone! The facility and staff are excellent- very professional, well organized, helpful, kind. Compared to other “prescriptions” the products are well priced.read more
Alexander Ziemann
Alexander Z.
18:48 29 Mar 20
Great Staff at both Bloomington and Moorhead locations that I have visited. Very knowledgeable pharmacists’ that will help you get the best medication for your needs. Great company.read more
Brad Nelson
Brad N.
02:19 06 Mar 20
Staff in Moorhead was able to get me in while I was on the road. Entire team went above and beyond to make sure I was taken care of. Thanks so much y’all!read more
Eric Miller
Eric M.
02:38 03 Jan 20
Friendly staff. They do the best they can with the Minnesota medical cannabis program. Prices are steep, but quality products. They’re adding new items this year and hopefully will continue to improve prices as possible.read more
Suzy Neumann
Suzy N.
20:35 11 Dec 19
After being on narcotics for chronic pain for years I have switched completely to medical cannabis and it has given me my life back! The staff in Moorhead are incredible and very helpful in making sure I have the correct combination of products and strength for me!read more
Lynne Flanders
Lynne F.
17:41 09 Dec 19
From the start in meeting with the pharmacist to determine, mutually, which product and dosage would best reduce the pain of rheumatoid arthritis in my hands, to interaction with staff has been a professional, positive and respectful experience. My goal was to reduce the pain to manageable levels so I could do more of those things I like to do, thus improving the quality of life. I am happy to say my goal has been met with the help of MN Med Solutions and its personnel.read more
Nicole Cogger
Nicole C.
01:13 01 Dec 19
They have always been sooo friendly, helpful, quick & always make sure you are aware of what’s going on & any changes. Products are amazing & quality!read more
Michelle Cmela
Michelle C.
14:22 10 Jul 19
Was very good experience. Very helpful . Love discount program. Thanks for all you do .
Philo Bailey
Philo B.
16:42 07 Jun 19
The appointment was on time, very good advice from Jolene, also reasonable price.Your system is so much better than in AZ. It seems like a free for all with only very powerful products. Night and day difference.read more
Chad Larson
Chad L.
01:58 28 Apr 19
Good customer service one on one no wait time perfect pharmacy
Heather Bontjes
Heather B.
22:20 18 Apr 19
The staff there are super friendly, very informative and it’s a very nice atmosphere inside.
barry tinjum
barry T.
20:05 12 Mar 19
Good products, friendly and helpful staff. My first visit was great. I have severe pain from a couple of auto immune diseases along with a birth defect in my back. I have trouble sleeping because of pain. I have been sleeping better the last couple of nights because of these meds. It feels incredible to even get a little rest. Hoping i can dial it in to get a full nights sleep soon. I even woke without as much pain this morning. The only downside is the cost. There are discounts and a loyalty program to help offset the cost which is nice but still wish insurance helped out.read more
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